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The Spirit Man

God put within every man a perfect Spirit capable of giving man all that would be needed to live here on earth and throughout eternity. This is the most important part of our being. Our Spirit man exists whether man denies His existence or not. Without Him being anchored in our human being, it is difficult to have control over our physical, emotional, and intellectual actions thus allowing our decision making process to be ruled by the human parts of our being. Without Him, these decisions are then often made according to our feelings or circumstances. If man pursues the Spirit man by gaining knowledge and chooses to allow Him to rule his life and decisions, it is He that will provide a solid, anchored foundation that can maintain a balanced life for the whole man. But if man receives tainted or limited spirit information, his decisions will also, more than likely, be made by the human man. And should man decide to not give value to, or worse, deny the Spirit man, he still can live a contented life here on earth, but at the sacrifice of eternal life. This is man's choice.  Therefore, there must be a time whereby we dedicate ourselves to allowing the Spirit man to control our life. Just as our physical, emotional, and intellectual beings require feeding to remain strong and able to impact life, so must the Spirit man be given knowledge with understanding. When this is done is when we become the person we were meant to be and will live the life that God created us to live now and throughout eternity.

A Balanced Life

 Man was created with three parts of his human being; the physical, emotional, and intellectual to be governed by his Spirit man. In order to cope and live happily here on earth, we need order and balance. Should we have something occur in one part of our being, it can affect our ability to maintain balance in the other parts of our being. Often man will not recognize or give value to the Spirit man, but if given value, it can change the course and outcome of man's life. Therefore, all parts of our being must be considered. A true test as to whether we are living a balanced life, is not only whether we are balanced, but whether those we live with are also balanced. Struggling in our daily existence should not dominate our lives. True balance is when one can turn his daily focus away from self and begin to help others without then becoming imbalanced in his own life. If those around us are struggling or if we again struggle when attempting to help others, then our house is not in order, and that should be the highest priority. Balance is when you and those around you are content and giving to others. Of course, those who do not give value to the Spirit man can attain human balance, but will never fulfill the purpose of their whole created being which includes living life in eternity. The Spirit led man will help prepare and lead his household, and others to have a balanced, abundant human existence and to live in eternity as well.